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  • 48” X 90”
  • 48” X 96”
  • 48” X 108”
  • 48” X 115”
  • 48” X 120”


  • 48” X 96”
  • 48” X 108”
  • 48” X 120”
  • 48” X 144”


  • 48” X 96”
  • 48” X 108”
  • 48” X 120”
  • 48” X 144”
  • Unfinished gypsum panels are produced in Canada for Okaply.
  • These panels are always square-edge (as opposed to tapered).
  • All stock panel dimensions are 48 inches wide.
  • Depending on the thickness, panels are available in 96, 108 and 120 and 144-inch lengths.
  • ½-inch and 5/8-inch thickness are available.
  • Fire-retardant panels (Type X) are available.
  • Other types are available subject to certain conditions (moisture-proof, water-proof, etc.).
  • Vinyl covered panels are face-laminated – the vinyl is not wrapped around the panels’ edges. This type of process eliminates the creasing that occurs when the wrap is not applied snugly around the edge.
  • See samples of stock vinyls here.



  • 48” X 84”
  • 48” X 96”
  • 48” X 100”


  • 48” X 84”
  • 48” X 96”
  • 48” X 108”
  • 48” X 108”
  • 48” X 120”


  • 48” X 96”
  • 48” X 120”
  • Unfinished lauan plywood panels are imported from Indonesia directly by Okaply.
  • These panels are always LFE grade (Low Formaldehyde Emission).
  • All stock panel dimensions are 48 inch wide.
  • Depending on the thickness, panels are available in 84, 96, 100, 108 and 120-inch lengths.
  • 7mm, 3.4mm and5.2mm thicknesses are available.
  • Other dimensions are available subject to certain conditions.
  • Vinyl covered lauan plywood panels are laminated on the lamination line.
  • Our lauan 2.7mm and 3.4mm are F4S compliant.
  • Where necessary for the RV industry, we also produce on 3.4mm fire-retardant panels, laminated to 4mm. Vinyls and up approved by Underwriters Laboratories of Canada (Okaply 150 ULC)
  • See samples of stock vinyls and stock papers.


Superior MDF and Superior Plus MDF from Flakeboard are the medium density fiberboard products of choice when looking for optimal quality, consistency in the most demanding applications. Our Superior Plus MDF has a uniform density profile that offers a stable core and surface making it ideal for routered doors, for printing and laminating, as well as surface and edge-machining applications.

Available raw or thermally fused with a melamine design, Superior MDF is available in an inspiring and versatile selection of panel sizes and patterns. VESTA – no added urea formaldehyde resin is available upon request in both “Superior” and “Superior Plus” grade for specific thicknesses.

Choose from:

  • Panel thicknesses ranging from 3/8” to 11/2”
  • 49” and 61” widths
  • Hundreds of TFM colors and patterns

General Information:

  • Sanded Finish 150 grit
  • Thickness Tolerance +/_0.005”

Physical Properties:

The above physical properties are based on averages of normal production. Flakeboard will meet or exceed the minimum standards set out in ANSI A208.2 – 2009. Specific design applications, technical data, product and thickness information is available upon request.

Superior                             Superior Plus

Flame Spread Index                       110                                          120

Smoke Developed Index               180

Fuel Contributed                             90



  • Product suitability for a particular application is the responsibility of the fabricator or end user.
  • Complies with CPA EPPS 3-08 and CCR 93120.2(a) (CARB Composite Wood ATCM Phase 1 Formaldehyde Emission Limits)
  • Material safety data sheets are available upon request.
  • All panels are approved for use in interior, non-structural applications.
  • Contains 100% recycled/recovered wood content.
  • Conforms to formaldehyde emissions requirement for MDF in ANSI a208.2–2009.
  • Testing in accordance with procedures described in ANSI 208.2-2002 for MDF.
  • Surface burning characteristics: based on a single test, utilizing the ASTM E84 test method HPVA has classified Superior MDF in accordance with NFPA 101. Class 3.


Physical Properties:

When it comes to versatility and performance, FIBREX® thin high density fiberboard from flakeboard offers the best of both worlds. Utilizing continuous press technology, we’re able to offer one of the widest selections of quality, sizes and finishes you’ll find anywhere.

Various grades available:

  • FIBREX® (standard)
  • FIBREX® VESTA (no added urea-formaldehyde resin)
  • FIBREX® LF (Low formaldehyde, CARB Phase II Compliant)
  • FIBREX® FR* (Fire-rated door skin)
  • FIBREX® PG (Print finish/wet coatings grade)
  • FIBREX® Plus (High density)

Flakeboard FIBREX® fiberboard offers:

  • A broad range of thickness (1.6mm to 6.35mm)
  • A selection of widths (48” to 50”, 59” to 62”) and lengths (72” to 99.5”, 101” to 148”)
  • Hundreds of finishes, including paint, decorative paper, TFM (thermally fused melamine) and direct print
  • Specialty options such as cut to size and pegging


Standard production on M-2 Tafipan® particleboard.

Width4′ and 5′
Lenght6′ – 12′
TexturesSmoothwood, Crystalite, Ashwood, Frost Crystal