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Flexible Slate Venner

Flexible Slate Veneer is a fantastic light-weight alternative to conventional heavy slate tiles and slabs. Comprised of a natural slate front applied to a fiberglass/poly-resin backer, slate veneer is only 1-5mm thick and weighs only .3 lbs. per sq/ft, making it the perfect alternative to traditional slate. Flexible Slate Veneer’s natural stone face and fiberglass back construction makes it usable for both indoor and outdoor applications and is pliable, much like today’s laminates. Slate veneers may also be adhered to a number of different substrates, including: drywall, wood, MDF, HDF, metal, plastics, Styrofoam, cement board and much more!

The elegance and uniqueness of natural slate can now be enjoyed without the weight and size restrictions of full thickness stone. Slate veneers may be used on cabinets, furniture, floors, walls, doors and any other substrates where laminates have been used in the past. In addition to being waterproof, slate veneers offer excellent UV resistance which makes it ideal for outdoor furniture or patio accents.

Flexible Slate Veneer is a unique product, and greatly enhances visual appeal. Having the ability to now incorporate stone into areas where in the past was just not possible is nothing short of amazing. Architects and designer now have a product at their disposal which offers all the beauty and character of natural stone without the barriers of traditional slate.


Installation of Flexible Slate Veneer is much like Arborite laminate; it can be cut using conventional woodworking tools (i.e. table saws) and edges are sanded using regular wood sandpapers. The use of carbide blades and cutting sheers are another good option. By slightly heating the affected cutting area with a heat gun, complex cuts and details may be achieved with the use of a utility knife.


Adhering the Flexible Slate Veneer sheets is a simple process using FRP panel adhesives, Polymer adhesives, PUR construction type adhesives and high end contact cements. FRP and polymer adhesives are applied using a 3/16” v-notched trowel to ensue 100% coverage on the back of the slate veneer sheet to achieve the best adhesion results. If using high end contact cement, we recommend sanding the back side of the fiberglass backer to achieve a smoother, consistent surface. Also, if using contact cement, be sure to use a laminate roller to ensure better adhesion to the substrate.

Colours and Sizes

The Flexible Slate Veneer sheets are available in 17 colours. Being a natural product, every sheet is unique in variation and colour. All 17 colours are available in the standard size of 2’x4’ sheets, with some also available in 41”x82”. Due to the size, weight and flexibility of Flexible Slate Veneer, shipping poses little to no risk of damaging the product.


Like other natural stone products, Flexible Slate Veneer requires sealing using a good quality stone sealer or wood-type lacquer for protection against staining and promote ease of cleaning.