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The OSI (Open Selco Interface) numerical control guarantees the fully automatic management of cutting patterns by optimizing all machine movements in order to have the best cutting quality. And OptiPlanning software optimises the cutting patterns software to minimise total machining costs.


Equipped with state of the art machinery we are capable of cutting large quantities of board with high precision.

  • Top product quality, thanks to the air cushioned working surface, which protects delicate materials. In addition, this characteristic ensures the surface next to the blade is kept constantly clean.
  • Vertical movement of the main blade is managed and optimized via quick blade height adjustment..
  • The ANTI-SLIDE DEVICE controls the position and the number of rotations of the blade, intervening to adjust the advance speed.
  • System for performing simultaneous transverse cuts due to the two fully independent pushing devices and two completely independent motor-less grippers. This mechanism changes distance between the two pushing devices and therefore their working field. This enables the processing of panels up to 5700 x 2700 mm.

The double presser, with a double, independent structure, enables the application of consistent, controlled pressure to the stack of panels to be cut, thanks to the continuous gripper action, which also creates an actual sealed chamber for trim cuts and an efficient vacuum for the removal of dust.