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OkarocTM is a pre finished high density CCMC approved 5/16” gypsum that out performs the strength of regular ½” gypsum board.

OkarocTM eliminates the need for mudding, taping, sanding, priming and painting for a quick clean finish. Edges are completely wrapped around the underside of the panel allowing seems to be butt jointed, battened or batten taped for a professionally finished look.

OkarocTM is available in a variety of colors and is easily maintained with soap and water.

OkarocTM can be used for the interior finish of exterior and interior walls of manufactured homes in accordance with the National Building Code 2010.

  • 35% lighter than 1/2″ gypsum
  • Easily installs with a minimum of tools and mess
  • Washable
  • Water based adhesives
  • Class A fire rating (Flame spread rating-15)
Download The Okaroc Spec Sheet