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Partitions are the best thing that has happened to the mobile office rental business in the last few years because it has allowed the leasing companies to turn their inventory much more efficiently. The old method of using fixed walls for a particular configuration has 2 possible downsides.

1. If the leasing company wants to leave the fixed walls as they are, then they never end up having the configuration that the customer needs so they end up sitting on a yard full of inventory.

2. The alternative is to take the fixed walls down each time and reconfigure using new material. Over time this becomes much more expensive than using reusable wall partitions that can be reconfigured to give the customer exactly what they want and rent the fleet efficiently.


These partitions can be used in many temporary regular building applications (hospitals, schools, construction sites…)

1- Top horizontal profile
2- Bottom horizontal profile
3- Vertical starter profile
4- Vertical intermediate profile
5- Vertical finishing angle profile

  • Finish: FRP (fiberglass reinforced plastic). White and washable.
  • All partitions can be custom made. We offer a variety of colors, patterns and finishes, to meet your present and futur needs.
  • All our wood product (Lauan) complies with F4STAR and CARB.